1. capricorn GROUP,

Düsseldorf, Germany

Headquarters and administration of capricorn GROUP


2. capricorn COMPOSITE,

Meuspath, Germany

Development, production and coating of high-performance components made of fibre-reinforced composites


3. capricorn AUTOMOTIVE GmbH,

Mönchengladbach, Germany

Construction and production of high-end con-rods, engine components, as well as mechanical components

4. capricorn AUTOMOTIVE SAS,

St. Étienne, France

Construction and production of high-end crankshafts and camshafts

5. capricorn AUTOMOTIVE Ltd,

Basingstoke, England

Construction and production of high-end cylinder liners and forged pistons

6. capricorn FONDERIA Srl,

Modena, Italy

Specialised in high precision aluminium gravity sandcasting, engine and gearbox components, we supply the biggest and most renowned high-luxury automotive and motor vehicle manufacturers


7. capricorn WORKS GmbH,

Mönchengladbach, Germany

Maintenance, restoration, service and racing of vintage cars, vehicle conversions and development of OEM automotive manufacturers, production of carriage and chassis components as well as complete engines.


capricorn COMPOSITE Monchengladbach (Germany)

Model and tool making

• Manufacture of master models, molds, devices and CFRP molds including CAD / CAM software Tebis, NX

• 5-axis CNC machining centres


• Cutting semi-finished fibre products

• Manufacturing complex components

• CNC controlled ultrasonic cutting system

• Prepreg autoclaves up to 2,500 mm (diameter) x 4,000 mm (length)


• Mechanical machining

• Joining and assembly

• Annealing chambers

• 5-axis CNC machining centres


• Design components are finished on site with clear varnish for prototype construction and small series. Painting and drying systems are state of the art.


capricorn AUTOMOTIVE GmbH Monchengladbach (Germany)

• Free basic 34° forgings corner lengths from 100mm – 170mm.

• Bespoke titanium and steel forgings.

• 3-D milling and thread milling.

• Military specification heat treat and shot peening.

• Precision boring and honing.

• High-precision profile milling of connecting rod small end bore.

• REM superfinishing.

• Machining of crankcases, cylinderheads, gearboxes and other precision castings.

• Gear Production – design and manufacturing all in house.

• Precision valve train parts: rocker arms, finger followers.

• Suspension parts: uprights, drive shafts.



St Etienne (France)

OEM development

The offer of capricorn AUTOMOTIVE SAS includes complete development for OEMs or engine manufacturers – from first prototypes that are made from solid material to mass production parts made from forged and cast blanks. It is our Make Like Production approach that is greatly appreciated by our clients. Technology that appears later in the serial production is already used when developing prototypes. capricorn distinguishes between a pro-active way of thinking and a high level of flexibility.

Small series production

For our OEM small series production, capacities for batches of each project up to 5000 units per year are available to us. Our flexible production facility impresses with state-of-the-art machinery exclusively operated by experienced staff. Of course we produce according to latest design trends and act strictly according to the guidelines and requirements of the industry


capricorn WORKS GmbH Monchengladbach (Germany)

capricorn WORKS offers high-end restorations and maintenance of historic racing cars. The focus is on historic vehicles from the most renowned brands. When restoring, we attach particular importance to using as many original parts and materials as possible. If these are no longer available, we will manufacture individual pieces that are true to the original from the missing components. Our customers can also buy these exclusive spare parts independent of maintenance in our workshop so that they are available when needed.


capricorn FONDERIA srl- Modena (Italy)

Our services

Production line for sand and resin casting (manual)

Production line for sand and resin casting (semi-automatic)

Production line for sand and resin molds, high capacity / flexibility from 1 to 6,000 pieces / year

Melting furnaces for applications from 150 kg to 600 kg

Quality control


Colour diffusion process



Density function test

CMM coordinate measuring machine certified according to ISO 9001/2008

Client Base

• Full turnkey solution for low / high volume CNC machined components

• One-stop-shop for aluminium castings and machining

• ISO9001 Quality Management System with AS9100 approval due QTR4 2020

• Over 25 years industry experience garnered in the harshest environments

• Temperature controlled inspection facility

• Technological advancements ensures that we stay ahead in todays marketplace

• Wide range of industries and sectors served

• Dedication to customer satisfaction

Capricorn Automotive Ltd, Units B & C, Lutyens Industrial Centre, Bilton Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8LJ

Tel: +44 (0) 1256 365800 • Email: • Company Number: 02685331